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end of the year many people are renewing their auto liability policy. It should be noted that the market comprises some 90 firms and the differences between a premium and the other companies are significant. The cost of the same policy can vary by up to 80%. It is therefore necessary to choose wisely the company more convenient. To do this, do a minimum of shopping, that is, most companies check on the cheapest quote.

* Engaging websites
* No variation of premium increases in the absence of communication required
* Change company even in the absence of notice
* Note not only the cost of the policy, but also the guarantees offered with free

Policy * * Policies "on time" or "mileage"

Engaging websites
Some sites may be helpful in search of cheaper airline


addition, all major traditional phone companies have their own site. Also addressing Adiconsum with all the necessary information you can find information on the bill more convenient. The savings is realized by comparing multiple quotes and choosing the cheapest company. Compare multiple quotes and then, because shopping can also save € 50-100 for the same guarantees!

No variation of premium in case of missing
increases required for contracts to automatic renewal companies must notify the deadline and any increase required. If this was not done, the consumer is entitled to the same premium paid in the previous year. In case of refusal, apply to the court of peace and ISVAP.

Change company even in the absence of notice
If the requested increase exceeds the rate of expected inflation, the insured company may change even in the absence of notice of termination.

attention not only to the cost of the policy, but also the guarantees offered
careful exclusion clauses or retaliation to check the warranties are not covered, such as: left with expired license, not reconditioned cars, alcohol, young drivers, etc.. (Better to say a few Euros more, but to have more guarantees).

Insurance with deductible
There are free covers with RCA, but few companies implement significant discounts. The request for proposal, evaluate the convenience of a policy with franchise.

Policies "on time" or "mileage"
Also available are new business "part time" for those who use little machinery or related to a real mileage controlled via the satellite for which the premium is defined by the actual distance and use of the vehicle.
companies that have these new policies are the policies WILL pr "part time" which is basically a policy with a premium base which is added the cost for each day of use of the car. The group Axa
Carlink provides a mileage policy. Other policies are linked to a "black box" that can be activated with the phone.


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